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        Last Updated: December 14, 2009

        If you can, please spread the word that Sinister Attraction is now at a .NET address since the old .org address is lost in cyberspace. Enjoy the old site at the new location! There are some broken URLs around the site, but I'm working on getting them fixed so you won't have any problems reading any stories here.

       None of the forms are working and there is just so much outdated information here; however, the archive should be up and running, which I'm sure is what most people here care about!

     Please Note: At this time, I am NOT adding new stories to the archive. I would also like, if at all possible, to keep what is in the archive here permanently as a record for what has been written in our great Spuffy fandom YEARS ago, where this site can serve as a place where younger fans can come read what was written back in 2000-2003, which is when most of these older, "classic" Spuffy stories were written. Some of the stories archived here are VERY hard to find these days, what with Geocities and Angelfire closing and other sites disappearing, so I would very much like to keep this archive intact. I would never have archived anything without the inital permission and go ahead (and I probably have the old e-mails saved just in case), so at one point in time, you were OK with your stories being here. So, unless your fiction has been published and there are legal conflicts, if we could discuss other means of preserving your work aside from complete removal, I would really appreciate it! Thanks! :D I'm probably going to clean up the site from this .net move, and then leave this site be.



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        Some of the stories @ this site are rated a strong R or NC-17 for gore, sexual content, etc.  By entering the archives, you are saying that you are 17/older and can legally read the fan fiction here. Please be a responsible reader and abide by this rule.



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